Transition of Roles and Responsibilities


To ensure efficiency and effectiveness in transitioning between the outgoing and incoming Executive Council. Transitional meetings serve the purpose of providing transparent insight into the operations of the organization.

Policy statement

Transitional meeting location

To be Toronto based unless otherwise approved by the Board of Directors.

Transitional documents

Transitional documents must include roles, responsibilities and all contact information obtained by the outgoing executive member in their current role. Additionally, folders and files that have any relevance, even if only pertaining to that year’s role, to the portfolio at hand, must be provided to the incoming respective executive member.

Notice of meeting

The Chief Executive Officer must give at least a three-week notice of the meeting location and time. The Chief Executive Officer must distribute the agenda to all outgoing and incoming executive members at least one week prior to the meeting.


Chief Executive Officer

  • Book venue and accommodations necessary for the meeting to take place, create and distribute transitional meeting agenda to the outgoing and incoming Executive Councils.

Outgoing Executive Council

  • Will ensure that the wiki pages for which they are responsible are up-to-date prior to the end of their terms.

  • Will meet with individual, corresponding incoming executive members to provide an overview of the role in previous years as well as of the most recent year.

  • Will develop plans with respective members to improve role throughout coming year and to mitigate any issues that may be foreseen and prevented.