Policy and Procedure Framework


The purpose of this framework is to outline the intent and purpose of corporate governance documents, and the process by which they are drafted, approved, and maintained to ensure an always up-to-date corpus of corporate governance documents.


As a growing organization and responsible agents in the public education community, OSTA-AECO is committed to regularly and responsibly maintain a corpus of governance documents.


A policy document is a core corporate governance document containing guiding principles used to set direction within OSTA-AECO. It can be a course of action to guide and influence decisions. It should be used as a guide to decision-making under a given set of circumstances within the framework of objectives, goals and management philosophies as determined by strategic plans or other management documents.

Policies specify the “what” and “why”: what is the strategic direction prescribed by the policy, and why is OSTA-AECO committed to the objectives outlined therein? Policies should be drafted so as to reflect statutory, regulatory, and legislative requirements, and should align with and inform the OSTA-AECO Strategic Plan. OSTA-AECO policy documents provide the framework within which procedures are developed.


A procedure document is a core corporate governance document comprising a particular way of accomplishing something. It is designed as a series of steps to be followed as a consistent and repetitive approach or cycle to accomplish an end result.

A procedure answers the questions “how”, “when”, “who”, and explicitly “what”: how will the policy be operationalized, when and how often must the prescribed steps be taken, who shall be responsible for implementation and oversight, and what specific actions are required to comply with the policy goal.

The completed procedure document contains a set of established methods for conducting business within OSTA-AECO, and is a useful document for training, process auditing, process improvement, and compliance initiatives.

Ownership and approval of policies and procedures

The policy owner or procedure owner (or just owner) is the individual accountable for ensuring that the policy or procedure document is updated at its appropriate review date.

Approving bodies are the groups of people that are required to ratify the document before it can take effect.

Review of policies and procedures

Each policy and procedure document must be assigned a review date. The review date is the date by which the policy or procedure document must commence review.

The Governance Committee is a permanent joint committee of the board of directors and the executive council who are responsible for the frequent and responsible review of the corpus of governance documents. Amendments and updates to documents must pass through this committee for approval and review prior to being sent to the appropriate approving bodies.

Policy documents must be reviewed no less frequently than once every three (3) years, in accordance with the review date and cadence defined on the policy document itself. If no review date exists, then the policy should be reviewed as soon as possible, and a review date and cadence should be assigned during the course of the initial review.

Procedure documents should be reviewed frequently by the procedure owner (or designate) to ensure that they continually provide necessary operational guidance and meet the needs of the organization. At a minimum, procedure documents should be reviewed bi-annually—once every two (2) years.

Responsibility matrix


Policy owner

Approving bodies

Governance Committee