Conference Mandate


To ensure the success of OSTA-AECO in its mission to coordinate and facilitate the professional development of all Student Trustees in the province of Ontario.

Policy statement


The organization shall coordinate three yearly conferences with the purpose of developing and transitioning Student Trustees. Two of these conferences shall be held in conjunction with the organization’s two mandated general meetings held each fiscal year. An additional conference shall be set at a time and location as determined by the Board of Directors, and organized by the Executive Council.

Annual General Meeting

The annual meeting of the organization shall herein be referred to as the Annual General Meeting (AGM) conference. The AGM shall be held with the specific purpose of:

  1. transitioning incoming Student Trustees;

  2. providing professional development applicable to both incoming and outgoing Student Trustees;

  3. electing Board Council Cabinets;

  4. initiating task forces;

  5. hosting the OSTA-AECO Alumni Gala in recognition of the organization’s accomplishments, past and present; and

  6. serving as the Annual Meeting, in alignment with the Ontario Corporations Act and §9.2 of the By-laws of this organization.

Fall General Meeting

The additional general meeting of the organization shall herein be referred to as the Fall General Meeting (FGM) conference. The FGM shall be held with the specific purpose of:

  1. providing introductory workshops and additional professional development for newly appointed Student Trustees;

  2. establishing policy positions for the current year; and

  3. developing organizational initiatives for both Board Councils and members’ task forces.

Board Council Conferences

The Board Council Conferences (BCCs) shall serve as an additional professional development opportunity distinct from general meetings of the organization and its members. The BCCs shall be held with the specific purpose of:

  1. providing opportunities for each Board Council of OSTA-AECO to focus on individual policy positions and initiatives;

  2. providing professional development to all members together and/or within their individual Board Councils;

  3. providing time for each Board Council of OSTA-AECO to edit and amend their respective policies; and

  4. providing further opportunities for members’ task forces to work towards yearly initiatives.


Board of Directors

The Board of Directors shall be responsible for establishing the time and location of all the organization’s professional development conferences, in addition to providing all adult supervision for those members of the organization under eighteen-years of age.

Executive Council

At the direction of the Chief Executive Officer and the Professional Development Coordinator, the Executive Council shall be responsible for coordinating all aspects of the three annual conferences and approving the conference agenda.