Public Board Council Operations


To define the operations and mandate of the Public Board Council of the Ontario Student Trustees’ Association.

Policy statement

Mission statement and objective

The objective of the Public Board Council is to effectively provide a united student voice to support public education in Ontario and to continue to advocate for the success of public education.

Elected members

PBC President

Refer to the OSTA-AECO Terms of Reference: Executive Council

PBC Vice-President

Refer to the OSTA-AECO Terms of Reference: Executive Council

Communications Officer

  1. Shall present an annual report on an issue of significance to public education and its students at AGM, following Public Board Council approval.

  2. Shall be responsible for taking minutes during the Public Board Council meetings if the secretary is absent.

  3. Shall collaborate with the OSTA-AECO Public Affairs Coordinator to ensure a cohesive OSTA-AECO brand image.


  1. Shall take minutes at all meetings of the Public Board Council.

  2. Shall be responsible for distributing the agenda for upcoming meetings to all members of the cabinet a minimum of five (5) days prior to the meeting.

  3. Shall keep an accurate record of the agendas and minutes of all meetings of the Public Board Council and the Public Board Council Cabinet and shall make available minutes to the public upon request.

  4. Shall keep an up-to-date contact list of all Public Student Trustee in the province including a preferred phone number and email address.

Five (5) Representatives, representing the Southwestern, Golden Horse-shoe, Eastern, and Northern regions, and the Public French language boards

  1. The Southwestern Rep will be responsible for: Avon-Maitland DSB, Bluewater DSB, Lambton-Kent DSB, Grand Erie DSB, Waterloo Region DSB, Thames Valley DSB, Simcoe County DSB, Upper Grand DSB, and Greater Essex County DSB;

  2. The Golden Horseshoe Rep will be responsible for: Halton DSB, Hamilton Wentworth DSB, Peel DSB, Toronto DSB, Durham DSB, DSB of Niagara, and York Region DSB;

  3. The Northern Rep will be responsible for: Near North DSB, Patricia-Keewatin DSB, Superior-Greenstone DSB, Algoma DSB, Rainbow DSB, Rainy River DSB, District School Board Ontario North East, and Lakehead DSB;

  4. The Eastern Rep will be responsible for: Kawartha Pine Ridge DSB, Trillium Lakelands DSB, Ottawa-Carleton DSB, Upper Canada DSB, Limestone DSB, Renfrew Country DSB, and Hastings and Prince Edward DSB;

  5. The Public French Language Representative will be responsible for: Conseil scolaire Viamonde, Conseil des écoles publiques de l’Est de l’Ontario, Conseil scolaire public de district du Nord-Est de l’Ontario, and Conseil scolaire du district du Grand Nord de l’Ontario;

  6. Shall be responsible for contacting all student trustees within the board they represent.

  7. Must compile monthly reports including the various initiatives pursued by all student trustees in their region and board council


  1. The Public Board Council shall meet at least three (3) times every year.

  2. For quorum rules, refer to §9.4 of OSTA-AECO By-laws.

  3. The Board Council Cabinets shall meet at the call of the President or on the written request of three (3) Board Council Cabinet members.

Election of Cabinet Chairs


  1. The Election Chair of Cabinet members shall be the incumbent PBC President

  2. A member of the previous serving Public Board Council Cabinet shall assist as Chair for each Regional Representative election.


  1. The Election Chair shall oversee the nomination process.

  2. The Election Chair shall open the floor for nominations. At this time a school board may nominate a candidate.

  3. The Election Chair shall then close the floor to nominations. At this time, the nominated candidates shall accept or decline his/her nomination.

  4. All nominated candidates may make a speech up to one (1) minute in length.


  1. Voting for Cabinet Board members shall follow the same voting procedure as Officers of the organization.


PBC President

  • Ensuring the Board Council is compliant of the clauses described in this policy.