Meeting Materials and Outcomes


To establish the protocol of all Executive Council and Board meetings with respect to organization and the distribution of meeting materials and outcomes reports.

Policy statement


It shall be the policy of the Ontario Student Trustees’ Association to conduct meetings according to the by-laws of the organization and Robert’s Rules of Order, to provide adequate notice of upcoming meetings, and to provide meeting materials and outcomes reports within reasonable timelines. Except where prohibited by law, the By-laws of OSTA-AECO supersede the rules set out by Robert’s Rules of Order.

Executive Council meetings

Meetings of the Executive Council shall be governed by the OSTA-AECO Executive Council Meetings Policy (P.HR.EXEC.ExecMeetings).

Board meetings

Meetings of the Board of Directors shall be governed by the OSTA-AECO By-laws Document.

Meeting materials

Meeting materials shall be distributed prior to all meetings in accordance with the timeline and mandate outlined in the respective policy documents noted for Executive Council and Board of Directors meetings.

Outcomes reports

Outcomes Reports shall be developed for all meetings, distributed to all attendees following meetings, and uploaded to the OSTA-AECO SharePoint for audit records (refer to OSTA-AECO Outcomes Reports template).



Shall create an outcomes report for all Board of Directors meetings.

Operations Coordinator

Shall create an outcomes report for all Executive Council Meetings.