Working Groups


To clarify the structure and nature of Task Forces within OSTA-AECO.

Policy statement

Working groups are comprised of Members of OSTA-AECO. Each Member can belong to one (1) working group.

Working Groups


The Communications Working Group focuses on developing innovative creative services and effective communication methods to promote OSTA-AECO and to educate the public.

Data and Research

The Data and Research Working Group reviews data relevant to the education system in Ontario, which in the past has included creating a survey to send out to all students, parents and educators in publicly funded Ontario schools.

Indigenous Relations

The Indigenous Working Group is concentrated on creating a sensitive and educated environment surrounding the various barriers Indigenous students in Ontario face today.

Ontario Student Voice Awards (OSVAs)

The OSVA Working Group selects students within Ontario who demonstrate academic excellence and a sense of community responsibility. The winners of the OSVAs are recognized at the gala at the Annual General Meeting.


The Policy Working Group works towards the creation and release of relevant education-related position papers on behalf of the organization.

Student Achievement

The Student Achievement Working Group works to help Student Trustees by producing handbooks and documents that give guidelines on the responsibilities of the student trustee role in order to ease the transition into the role.

Student Well-Being

The Student Well-Being Working Group provides students with appropriate resources and tools to help destigmatize the culture surrounding both physical and mental illness.

Working group chairs

The Operations Coordinator has full jurisdiction over the selection of working group Chairs.


Executive Council

  • Shall be responsible for ensuring all committees fulfill their mandate.